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Pavel Lifanov: Destination — Saskatchewan!

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Pavel Lifanov: Destination — Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewan is one of the Canadian prairies. In the last decade, Saskatchewan has one of the fastest growing economies of the country, as well as a rapidly growing population. Its opportunities attract more immigrants every year. Pavel Lifanov, the vice president of Green Light Immigration, explains the success of this province.

The economy of Saskatchewan is mainly based on agriculture, fisheries and forestry as well as on such natural resources as oil and gas. The province’s GDP is fifth in the country and has reached CAD $79.4 billion. At the same time, GDP per capita is the fourth in Canada and is CAD $70,138.

An important advantage of Saskatchewan is real estate prices. For the amount you will spend on buying a one or two-bedroom apartment somewhere in Toronto or Vancouver, in Saskatoon and Regina, the two largest cities of the province, you can buy a huge house with a plot of land. After all, the Canadian dream is to have a home of your own, and that is why many immigrants are striving for Canada, Lifanov says.

In addition, Saskatchewan attracts many foreign students. The University of Saskatchewan entered the list of the top 500 universities in the prestigious World University Rankings 2018. The provincial authorities expect that the University of Regina, which today is approximately 700th in the world, will also soon join the top 500 world universities. Universities of the province attract foreign students with more flexible conditions for admission. For instance, usually, it is enough to get 18 points in all four categories of the TOEFL exam or 6.0 in the IELTS Academic.

The provincial government has also developed the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP). Under this program, the province invites candidates within three categories: International Skilled Worker Category, Saskatchewan Experience Category, and Entrepreneur Category. Through SINP, future immigrants with the skills and experience required by the province can receive a provincial nomination that will allow a foreign citizen to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

According to Pavel Lifanov, this year the Saskatchewan stream for Entrepreneurs has become one of the largest programs for entrepreneurs in Canada. The reason for this may also be that the neighbouring province of Manitoba added additional language requirements, as a result of which many candidates began to apply for the Saskatchewan program.

Pavel Lifanov, Immigration Consultant / ICCRC #R515679


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